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Gas Flow Systems
Ground-based Gas Flow Systems and Services


Minimum flow: 0.05 sccm (Xe)
Maximum flow: 1.55 sccm (Xe)
Flow increment: 0.05 sccm (Xe)
Number of flow settings: 31
Operating gases: Xe, Kr, Ar, Ne, N2, He

Ground-based Gas Flow Systems

EPL Gas Flow Set Point (GFSP) Systems establish and maintain very accurate, stable gas flows in the range from 0 - 1.5 sccm (xenon).  They are easy to integrate into new or existing facilities.  The GFSP system compliments EPL's Low Energy Plasma Source system (LEPS 250) by providing the extremely small flow levels required by the LEPS 250.  Flow set point changes with the GFSP system are toggle-switch selectable and essentially instantaneous.  Other user specified flow rate ranges are available upon request.

Gas Fill System

Compatible gases: All inert gases including N2
Mass transfer rates: Up to several kg/hr
Fill Pressures: Approved and  certified tanks  may be filled to  pressures up to 3000 psia. 
As a service, EPL provides portable gas fill cart systems for filling high pressure spacecraft gas tanks or similar products. The fill system provides ultra-clean high vacuum pumping to properly evacuate customer supplied gas tanks prior to fill.  Gas purity levels less than 1ppm are maintained during the fill process, and purity samples may be collected during the fill process for certification analysis. EPL provides an in-vacuum electronic scale direct weight measurement system to verify gas tank fill loads.
Space-based Gas Flow Systems

Xenon Flow System (Flight)XFS-F

Number of flow channels: 4 (2 fixed, 2 variable)
Minimum flow: 0.05  sccm (Xe)
Maximum flow: 200 sccm (Xe)
Number of flow settings: 15 x 2 each variable channels
Set point time response: < 1 second
Operating gases: Xe, Kr, Ar, Ne, N2, He
Input Pressure: Up to 3000 psia
Mass: < 3 kg
Bus voltage: 28 VDC 6 VDC (other bus voltages available upon request)
Continuous power: 2 W
Status: flight proven
Space-based Gas Flow Systems

EPL's Xenon Flow System (XFS) is a flight qualified and flight proven four channel gas flow system that can provide a total of 32 digital precision gas flow set points.  Each channel can be independently controlled.  The XFS uses miniaturized gas latching valves for minimal continuous power requirements. Precision transducers provide both high pressure and low pressure telemetry outputs.  The regulator-based XFS system contains all gas metering and control components including integral fill and drain capability.  Mounting base size requirements are only 12.7cm x 30.5cm on a user provided temperature controlled plate.



Gas flow isolators provide spacecraft electrical isolation for feed lines supplying gas to on-board plasma systems. 


Flight Gas Flow Isolator

Isolation voltage: 600 V
Maximum flow: approx. 200 sccm
Compatible gases: All gases, except  specific reactive gases
Status: flight proven
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