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HCPEE 250 System 250 Series Hollow Cathode System  0-10A $7,725
HCPEE 375 System 375 Series Hollow Cathode System  0-25A $8,620
HCPEE 500 System 500 Series Hollow Cathode System  0-50A $9,605
HCPEE 625 System 625 Series Hollow Cathode System  0-100A $12,410
SFHC 175F Space Flight Hollow Cathode  0-3A $29,500
SFHC 250F Space Flight Hollow Cathode  0-10A $34,950
GFSP Gas Flow Set Point (GFSP) System  $8,394
LDPP Low Density Plasma Probe (LDPP) $6,540
MDPP Medium Density Plasma Probe (MDPP) $6,750
IFLP Ion Flux and Langmuir Probe (IFLP) $5,750
PCS Power Conditioning System (PCS) $29,940
LEPS 250 System Low Energy Plasma Source (LEPS) System $15,800


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