Plasma Diagnostics and Beam Probes

Ground-based Plasma Diagnostics and Beam Probes

Energy limits: 600 eV
Maximum plasma density: 1x1012 cm-3
Energy resolution: < 0.10 eV
Compatible plasma species: All gases, except specific reactive gases
Outer diameter: 2.50 inches
Depth:  2.40 inches

Ground-based Plasma Diagnostics and Beam Probes

EPL plasma diagnostics are delivered as ready-to-operate instruments equipped with an in-vacuum wiring harness. Each instrument comes with an instruction manual that explains how to operate the probe, and how to analyze the acquired data to obtain plasma properties.

Measurements that can be made include, but are not limited to, ion and electron flux, ion and electron energy and temperature, plasma potential, plasma density, and ion and electron energy distributions.  Applications for these diagnostics include characterization of plasmas intended to simulate the Earth orbit environment, documentation of plasma and ion beam fields in vacuum facilities, or monitoring of plasma processes.

Collimated MDPP Probe
An optional graphite MDPP front end stage is available for collimated ion flow energy measurements.

Faraday Ion Flux Probe

Bias voltage limits:

± 500 V
Type:  Planar, with guard ring
Outer diameter: 1.33 inches
Depth:   3.00 inches




Ion Flux and Langmuir Probe (IFLP)
Type:  Planar, with guard ring
Bias Capability: Full Langmuir voltage sweep
(± 500 V)
Space-based Plasma Diagnostics

General Plasma Probe (Flight)GPP-F

Type: Planar with guard ring
Bias capability: Full Langmuir voltage sweep (± 500V)
Status: Flight proven


Flight Qualified, Flight Proven Plasma Diagnostics

EPL's space plasma probes measure ion and  electron flux, ion energy, electron temperature, plasma density, and space potential.  These robust diagnostics readily integrate onto spacecraft structures.  They require no standby power and are designed to accept nearly a full hemispherical view of the ambient plasma surrounding the spacecraft.




General Plasma Probe with Retarding Screen (Flight)

Type: Planar with guard ring and ion suppressor screen
Bias capability: Up to ± 500V
Status: Flight proven
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